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“Soul, mind or ego are mere words. There are no entities of the kind. Consciousness [ONE SELF] is the only Truth.” – Ramana

When you say something like: “My soul is guiding me to Truth”, it sounds like a wise and lofty statement and has much support from the spiritual community. Nevertheless, it speaks of separation, the original cause behind the Grand Dream and the illusion of individual entities called – persons.

This brief statement speaks of three ‘separate’ things:

-someone called ‘me’

-something called a soul, which is ‘separate’ from this ‘me’, and

-something called Truth.

The only Real thing in this declaration is ‘Truth’ and IT is Who YOU Really Are [another name for the ONE SELF] and is NOT ‘divided’ in any way. There is no such thing as this ‘me’ [body-mind-identity] nor is there anything such as a soul [another name for the false self that persists after the body departs]. This is how the false self very subtly and insidiously fosters separation and the illusion of time [“guiding me to …” which suggests distance and therefore time].

Truth [the SELF YOU Are] is never NOT Present, but ‘talk and self talk’ such as the above statement takes Attention ‘from’ the NOW-ness of Truth and places it ‘outside’ somewhere. ‘Self Inquiry’ would ask: “Who is this one that asks this question”. The answer would be ‘me’ [the false self] … followed by “Who am I”, which drives this false entity back into the SELF where it eventually dissolves.

-image by Solveig Larsen


“THE GRAND DREAM” -You Have Been Dreaming, Its Time to Wake Up

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