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There was once a man who lived a self-indulgent existence. He tasted the world’s delights at every opportunity. He was self-centered and driven … compelled to dominate and manipulate the world he deemed dangerous, yet alluring. As a result, he rose to the heights of what the foreboding seductress called success. He could have what he desired and did … but always a sense of ‘emptiness’ simmered in the background.

This angst drove his attention deep into the ‘world mysteries’ where he devoured every belief system he could find … tip-toeing through most while indulging in others. Still the voice of gloom haunted his every moment. Then, a near death experience brought him to the edge of the world of dream-making he had conquered … and he abandoned it … ALL of it, determined to ‘know’ what was ‘real’ and enduring.

An inner sanctum of endless dark corridors opened …it was filled with mirrors reflecting images he once believed defined who he was. Like a house of cards these illusions fell away and as they did a deep hopelessness and a strange longing to die stalked him as his only companions. These new acquaintances were oddly ‘welcome’ and with each passing moment more and more ‘aspects’ of the false self he used to call ‘me’ faded like wispy clouds.

The ’emptiness’ he once repelled became his friend … somehow more and more familiar. The dream persisted but no longer held him captive and soon the ‘friend’ revealed IT SELF as his Real and only identity … never absent during ITs sojourn into the temporary realm of dreaming … its ‘disappointing outcomes’ becoming the signposts that led IT HOME.

-image by Solveig Larsen

SELF DISCOVERY books by John McIntosh

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