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No matter how intricate and sophisticated the solutions may be that the mind contrives to solve the myriad of issues confronting the world … ‘there will always be something’ that challenges humanity. The world/universe ‘appears’ to the senses due to the play of ‘opposites’ made possible through the mind’s belief in separation. There can be no manifestation without this time and space – ‘from here to there’ phenomena. It matters not that it is an enormous illusion … the mind interprets what is sensed as genuine and real and ‘reacts’ to it accordingly.

When one has awoken ‘fully’ from the Grand Dream as the SELF They Are, they do not set about ‘changing’ what inevitably manifests as this ‘contrast’ … rather they recognize what ‘appears’ as a projection in IT SELF as Consciousness and as such is an emanation of Love. This chaotic, confusing and conflicting dream playing out in the world dream may or may not appear ‘loving’ in the moment but of itself is ‘made of Love’. In this way the world/universe is FELT in a totally different manner than the mind [false self] experiences it.

As always, it is the full Awareness of Who You Really Are that is of ‘real’ importance.

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