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A man [not a street person] walks among the trees and flowers of a quiet inner city parkette speaking loudly as if he is talking into a poorly connected cell phone … and yet there is no cell phone. He talks as if he is engaged in an important discussion using wild gesticulations and expletives to drive home his many unconnected points of contention to ‘anyone’ nearby. Like a growing number during this increasingly dramatic Great SHIFT of Consciousness, he has crossed a line where the barriers that normally govern social conduct have dissolved and he simply ‘thinks out loud’.

On the surface this behaviour seems ‘insane’. However, this is a symptom of the ‘collapsing hypnosis’ that pervades the tiny existence of the false self, as the taboos that confine the True YOU [the SELF] to littleness and limitation - crumble. This does not ‘endorse’ but ‘reveal’ how unshackling long constricted conduct can ‘initially’ erupt in bizarre activities.

The SHIFT from the myopic and tight confinement of the ‘beliefs’, ‘should and ‘have-to’s’ of the Grand Dream to the ‘Freedom YOU Are’ comes with many ‘erratic break-downs’ of old structures before the ‘Peace’ that is ever-Present embraces YOU [the SELF] ‘as’ YOU.

Take Heart, “… what is full must be empty before the Light can enter …”

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