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Most of humanity ‘thinks’ through the mind, which requires a linear, analytical step by step process based on historically acquired information combined with up-to-the-moment circumstances. This kind of thinking is filtered through one’s unique ‘conditioning’ of attachments, expectations and identifications and is therefore ‘always’ tainted. The concept of opinions or perspectives emanates from this soup of illusions and is a constantly changing scenario. The entire process is based on the fundamental belief in separation and the world of ‘opposites’ that manifests from it. In that world, ‘fear’ dominates, coloring every experience.

Thinking through the Heart is NOT a ‘process’ but a full blown ‘knowing’ in each moment with intervals of ‘emptiness’. Emptiness is the Natural state of the SELF or ONE Consciousness that is ‘before’ the manifestation of the universe, which is a holographic and illusory projection ‘within’ IT.

Another name for this is Grace or Love in Action and presents the Grand Dream precisely and accurately as the ‘Perfect’ expression of the ONE SELF You Really Are ‘to’ IT SELF.

-image by Solveig Larsen


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