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Thinking precedes the mind … NOT the other way around. Thought emanates from the concept of and belief in separation by the SELF while it slumbers beneath the full Awareness of the ONE Consciousness IT ‘is’. This was the way the ‘projection’ of and ‘illusion’ of ‘other’ became possible, and from which the universe and All That Is within it ‘seems’ to appear.

ONE [Consciousness – SELF] cannot ‘know’ and experience IT SELF without a frame of reference and that requires the ‘maya’ of separation. SELF is infinite and therefore contains [without boundaries] ‘all’ possibilities. In ITs natural state IT is Empty-Nothing-ness and in this ‘observing’ state wears the universe as a body … NOT ‘outside’ as a body wears clothing but ‘inside’ since there is no outside possible if ONE is ONE.

In order to experience Truth and be ‘Free of’ the belief that the universe/world/body-mind-identity [person] is real, you must turn within. This means ‘Thinking with the Heart’ … another way of saying letting Life Live Life [YOU]. It is the Still Small Voice referred to often as intuition and is a ‘choice’ rather than a ‘flash’ you get sporadically. By choosing Truth [the Awareness of Who You Really Are], intuitive communication becomes clearer and more frequent. Ultimately, IT is the only ‘voice’ heard. It is actually YOUR own True Voice speaking ‘to’ the slumbering God-SELF [YOU] … the counterpart to the SELF [yet not separate from], who is then Awakening ‘due to’ this inner communication.


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