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You cannot ‘think’ your way into Peace, Joy, Love or any facet of the ONE SELF You Are.

Whatever the mind [false self] thinks ‘into’ the mouldable substance of the Grand Dream … is another dream. Thought-creation [so-called “creating your own reality”] is ‘manipulation’ of illusions. This is how the dream morphs, but it is NOT ‘real’ and NOT permanent [eternal] … Truth ‘is’.

Peace or Joy or Love ‘is’ Who You Really Are and cannot be ‘thought’ into your dream-life experiences. At best these manifestations are pale immitations, tainted and colored by one’s conditioning. Who You Really Are can only be ‘revealed’ when this conditioning is dissolved … NOT by manifesting more dreams through thought.

“THE GRAND DREAM” -You Have Been Dreaming, Its Time to Wake Up

BOOKS by John McIntosh

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