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There is much talk at the moment about being Awake, which is normal when a Great Shift such as this is occurring [from the dysfunctional Divine Masculine era into an age of Peace and Light]. Nevertheless, the most predominant Awakening that is occurring is only the first of three. This first Awakening is simply a Mass Awareness that the dream-world they have believed was reality all their lives … is NOT what they have been told. They are learning [not all, there are many in denial] and will learn of what has really been happening, and then SHIFT into an entirely different dream-world [a happy dream] but STILL - a dream.

The second level of Awakening is when one’s Awareness ‘realizes’ [KNOWS] at the HEART level [Feeling level, not to be confused with emotions], that the world IS a dream. From that moment on they are Free ‘of’ the dream but still have ‘conditioning-baggage’. They have shifted into the audience watching the dream … but CAN still get pulled back onto the stage - back and forth. Their focus at this point is ‘dedicated’ to Freedom and the total desolation of ALL conditioning [that which seems to hide the ONE SELF they Are].

The third level of Awakening occurs when ALL conditioning has been dissolved and full Awareness of the ONE SELF is restored. I speak more about this in my little handbook MASS AWAKENING.

“MASS AWAKENING” - What’s Really Happening - 2020 - 30 minute Synopsis”

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