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The expanding Awareness of the Freedom You Are is Now Present within every aspect of humanity’s experience. The once cloistered and constricted flow of the sleeping God-SELF has thrown the curtains open, breathing in the freshness of possibilities. Everywhere is the invitation to: “dream your dream”, “go for your dreams”, “Imagine and create your dreams”, “believe – dreams come true” and many are following this enthusiastic guidance.

Ultimately, when filtered through the lens of Joy, if these suggestions resonate with you, then for now … they are for you. However, dream-creating is just that … more dreaming, more sleeping. The fact that you have shifted from a dream caught in the hypnotic current of the collective to a dreamer consciously manifesting dreams of your own design, does not lead to Awakening ‘from’ the illusion of the grand dream. It is simply a different form of play ‘in’ that illusion.

Eventually, all activity and all practices lead to Self Inquiry [Who am I?] with the false self exposed and sinking back into Pure Conscious Awareness [the ONE-SELF] from which it sprang. That is the moment where all dreams [child’s toys] may be put away [if you choose] and only that which is timeless and boundless is embraced.

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