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To attempt to ‘change or fix’ the world through activism or any kind of circumstance altering methods or systems will ‘not’ shift the underlying tendency the world-dream has toward conflicting outcomes that separation always brings about. Time and space, the inherent parameters of separation, by their nature have ‘hierarchies’ … a ‘from here to there’ phenomena and where there is a hierarchy - division is its handmaiden.

The manifested world and everything that ‘appears’ within it are dependent upon this structure. It can be ‘rearranged’ but the Peace and Balance so many seek and hope for within the world-dream, are NOT possible [totally or for anything but very short bursts] … that is not its purpose. God [YOU] ‘knowing’ IT SELF and playing within its dream-borders, savoring and tasting contrast is its purpose ... that is why separation is essential as its foundation. Peace … the Peace YOU Are, can only be recognized within where Truth resides.

Is there then … any point to ‘help’ where and when you can?

Loving YOUR SELF [ONE Consciousness appearing as many] is the natural emanation of this ONE-SELF YOU Are. When any projected aspect of the SELF’s garment [the world-dream] touches the Love YOU Are and YOU are ‘pulled’ to help in some way, then this is YOU Loving YOU. It is not to change or fix circumstances [although that may temporarily occur] … rather it is simply Love Loving Love and Real Love does not look for results nor does it have agendas.


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