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Commitment to Truth … to the Freedom YOU Are, must be ‘total’. There can be no compromise in this surrender, no lip service that will expand your Awareness of Who YOU Really Are … no part time Attention to this ONE and only purpose ‘all’ have until they have returned to this Awareness. The mantra-rote service to what is Real has no influence over the conditioning that imprisons the SELF behind the mask of person-hood.

When you have reached the line in the sand where nothing less than absolute Truth, Total Freedom and the unicity that ONE-mess Awareness ‘is’ as All That Is, you must throw yourself completely into this focus NO MATTER WHAT and as the only True priority you have. There can be no so called ‘cost’ too high to emerge from the dream-trap that has withheld the exquisite Beauty YOU Are from your every moment Awareness.

The sage, the saint, the God YOU are is nearer than your breath but without this total commitment … will remain hidden.

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