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The seemingly endless rays [individual separated beings] of the ONE we ‘are’, when immersed in the delusion of separation, take on a kaleidoscope of unique conditioning. When one sleeps and dreams behind this veil, they are subject to the dream of reincarnation and in those many dream lives, they ‘relive’ the conditioning over and over again until a dreamer begins to AWAKEN from their long slumber. That one may choose to enter a dysfunctional lineage that emphasizes a particular manifestation of conditioning such as ‘abuse’ … with its many branches. While the extended family of this specific tree engages in and fosters this belief/habit the ‘awakening one’ becomes a source of Light that begins to ‘dilute’ this toxic energy ‘for the entire group’ of sleepers living out their karmic dream in this way.

These Light sources are often labeled the ‘black sheep’ of the family and may be ‘outcast’ in some way, but their growing Awareness is weakening the dysfunctional pattern. This makes it possible for ‘many’ to be released from this uninterrupted cycle. While there ‘are’ no ‘others’ in Truth … the dream of separation is very convincing, and this is one aspect of the Infinite Divine Love You Are drawing IT SELF Home.

Those who are fully Realized often ‘take on’ an entire planet of imbalanced energy to help reduce its ancient ‘hold’ over the many who sleep in painful dreams.

-image by Solveig Larsen

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