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When one is ‘triggered’ by the mirrors in their life experience and points the finger at circumstances or people ‘out there’ who they believe are somehow complicit or responsible for what is occurring, they are illustrating how deeply asleep they are to the Grand Dream they are playing in. Each one’s world is unique, ‘precisely’ manifested out of the conditioning they came in with … their world is literally an ‘out-picturing’ of that conditioning.

When one begins to recognize that every trigger represents an opportunity to witness some conditioning that is ready to be dissolved, they are illustrating that they are becoming ‘Aware’ of what the world/universe really is. If they follow through vigilantly with each trigger and allow the associated conditioning to be dissolved [ideally through the direct route of Self Inquiry/Surrender] … they are acknowledging their genuine commitment to Freedom.

Until this occurs, Life will offer more and more ‘poignant’ and painful ‘triggers’ to get the attention of deep sleepers. For most of humanity this is currently what is happening as the Great SHIFT of Consciousness rapidly EXPANDS and MASS AWAKENING unfolds.


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