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Living as Who You Really Are is effortless. There are no have-to’s, no rules or agendas to follow … everything is spontaneous, perfectly at-One-with each moment. There is no ‘voice’ channeled to someone called ‘me’ directing the show … there ‘is’ just YOU - the ONE SELF, no personal identity at all. The body and its senses and abilities still exist in order to navigate the Grand Dream but YOU are NOT it … it is an instrument like an automobile is a vehicle you ‘use’. This does not mean there are no challenges … it means that the Perfect navigation ‘of’ them is always occurring.

In this state everything YOU experience is an ‘extension-of’ YOU, nothing is separate from the ONE SELF YOU Are. This Pure Awareness recognizes IT SELF in every projected manifestation and because IT ‘is’ Love, IT is in Perfect Harmony ‘with and as’ everything and every circumstance. This moment to moment Perfect flow is not somehow ‘thought-into-existence’ as the false self operates … no plans are required. This is NOT a matter of ‘faith’ since faith still has the seeds of uncertainty associated with it. It is Pure KNOWING that requires nothing but the natural OPEN-ness that is always Present in the ONE SELF.

-image by Solveig Larsen

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