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For most, prayer is ‘to’ an ‘outside’, presumably ‘higher’ source. It is laden with begging and bargaining and rote oriented to a deep longing to change ‘What Is’. It validates the belief ‘in separation in a ‘rock solid’ affirmation that an unworthy human can never be God … at the most perhaps - god-like. This is NOT True Prayer.

True Prayer occurs ‘between’ the ONE SELF and ITs sleeping counterpart, filtered through the conditioning called a ‘person’ [body-mind-identity]. In reality, there is no ‘between’ since that too suggests separation. There ‘is’ only the ONE SELF ‘appearing’ as many.

Additionally, ALL that occurs within the dream-projection which is the universe-world, IS predestined … the result of previous conditioning and at most circumstances can be altered through ‘thought-projection’ [the illusion of so-called ‘creating your own reality’]. However, the underlying conditioning that was the root cause of circumstances remains unresolved and WILL show up somewhere else eventually in one’s destiny.

Of course, one would prefer that a loved one NOT suffer … or a country/world for that matter, but if this is the subject of True Prayer it should unfold similar to this: “May the suffering of this being end … nevertheless, according to YOUR will Great Spirit I AM.” This is ‘total surrender’ to the Perfect outcome of a given situation since one does NOT know what blessings may exist beneath the mask of a given circumstance. It also acknowledges that YOU are communicating with YOUR Real Self [the ONE SELF] ‘as’ the ONE SELF.

-image by Solveig Larsen

SELF DISCOVERY books by John McIntosh

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