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The world itself is a lie [no matter how beautifully it may show up] since its manifestation is based on the belief in separation - the ONE SELF appearing as many, yet always ONE. As such, ‘contrast’ comes into being and this makes for a roller coaster of happiness and sorrow depending on how the narrative of the dream plays out. Lies permeate everything in this illusion, most … well below conscious awareness. Some few lies are ‘obvious’ while most lies fall under the headings of suspicious or confusing scenarios. There is much ‘talk’ about Truth but while the ONE SELF slumbers in the dream-world, it is ‘not possible’ to either KNOW or experience anything more than brief vignettes of Truth when ‘the mind is silent’.

Truth is Who You Are [not something you attain or have, which can be taken away … IT is NOT transient]. It is the unbroken ‘knowing’ that You Are the ONE SELF, manifesting as Pure Love [totally unconditioned], Beauty, Abundance [Wholeness], Peace, Joy, Freedom and other facets of the ONE diamond that is Pure Conscious Awareness. There is no way whatsoever to experience unbroken Truth until you have crossed the bridge into that ever-Present state. For this, only Self Inquiry/Surrender will bring about this Awareness.


“THE GRAND DREAM” -You Have Been Dreaming, Its Time to Wake Up

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