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One’s conditioning is the script-writer of their experiences … precisely!

Whatever occurs … in some way, illustrates their conditioning over and over again until the conditioning has been dissolved. This makes the ‘stories’ created ‘from’ that conditioning your ‘friends’ since the removal of ALL conditioning ‘reveals’ the Truth – the ONE SELF YOU Really Are. The world ‘witnessed’ then is the Real world, which is vastly different from what most of humanity currently experiences.

There are vignettes in every life experience where ‘Truth’ [the ONE SELF] shows up in a ‘blast’ of Light. For example, a so-called ‘holy place’ may be visited where one who was Truly Free once lived. That radiance persists and exists in the very structure of the facility.

Those visiting such places ‘expect’ a ‘peaceful’ experience when in the presence of such radiance. However, if one has made the NO MATTER WHAT choice to be Free, they are saying YES to What Is and that ‘Surrender’ opens the floodgates to a intense Light that will ‘expose’ the blocks [conditioning] to the Presence of the ONE SELF They Are … at every turn. This makes such holy places gigantic mirrors for one’s conditioning.

It is entirely possible that exposure to that radiance will bring about dramatic experiences that ‘act-out’ the conditioning that is ‘ready’ to be dissolved. For the deeper sleepers this is a contradiction to what was expected, but to the one who is Truly OPEN … it is an enormous blessing.

-image by Solveig Larsen.

SELF DISCOVERY books by John McIntosh

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