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Truth is everywhere. Only the false self gives Truth a ‘location’, which is ever present. The advent of mass communication is a mirror for ONE-ness hidden in plain sight. Despite being tainted by the collective conditioning of humanity, it makes available ‘the voice of silence’ in a non-intrusive manner that the body-mind-identity does not innately and instantly resist.

Each one’s unique world is precisely sculpted from their own conditioning reflecting who they are NOT, while alluding to Who They Really Are. The entertainment industry has for decades dropped ‘hints’ about Truth [whether it was aware of doing it or not]. “The Force be with you” is perhaps one of the most recognized quotes of the last century. Fairy tales abound with metaphors about the dream the world is and action-comics [which now dominate theater blockbusters] foster the concept of the God within.

The nudge of Truth comes through any available ‘chink in the armor’ of resistance to tug-at-the-sleeve of the deep sleeping God-SELF and stimulates the natural Divine Discontent inbred into every walking god who still slumbers in the grand dream. Suffering is the primary means of bringing the stubborn sleeper to the alter of Truth but ‘hints’ are everywhere and incessant as the ONE Awareness shakes IT SELF like a rag-doll until Freedom receives the focused Attention that will clear the ancient clouds of conditioning that have hidden Truth from IT SELF.

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