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The mind is a construct ‘of’ conditioning. First came the ‘idea’ of separation and from that thought and then the mind, which then usurped the role of the ONE True identity - the SELF [God - Consciousness]. Through this false identity, tied to the belief in separation, all conditioning arose [attachments, expectations and identifications tied to memory [past] and imagination [future].

Love in Truth is Pure, unalterable and constitutes the ‘essence’ of All That Is Real, whether manifested or in potential … IT ‘is’ another name for the God You Are. In the world of dreams, manifested also ‘by’ conditioning and the belief in this individual false body-mind-identity or ‘person’, Un-Conditioned Love is virtually unknown. The love that seems to be is always tainted by a host of unseen ‘conditions’ no matter how benign and well-meaning it may appear.

Un-Conditioned Love cannot be ‘thought’ into existence simply because one desires to express it. All conditioning must dissolve for Love to express IT SELF fully and Truly and for this Self Inquiry/Surrender is the eventual direct route. This SHIFT in Consciousness is the great opportunity for ALL for this to occur.


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