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It is very common to hear or read about “The Law of Attraction”, and to the extent that this applies ‘only’ to the grand dream … it does exist.

The God-SELF you are does not ‘attract’ anything since IT ‘is’ already and always … ALL THAT IS. There ‘is’ no distance from which IT is ‘from’ IT SELF. Within the dream when one sleeps, there is the belief in ‘separation’ and as a result time and space, which includes distance, and to the sleeper this ‘seems’ very real. Concepts like: “You become what you think about” or “You attract who you are” therefore also seem reasonable. The mind ‘is’ the false self and each thought emanating ‘from’ the mind does indeed attract its counterpart into a manifested state to the degree that there is Belief + Attention + Passion. This is the fundamental ‘formula’ for successfully ‘creating’ your reality … again, within the dream, which is an illusion.

There is ample evidence within the dream to validate this formula by many who have manifested their ‘dreams’ and to thereby ‘prove’ that such a thing as The Law of Attraction exists. I personally used it for over 30 years to manifest every dream I ever had. However, the ‘essence’ of Reality, which is Freedom, Peace, Love [unconditioned], Beauty and Joy is ‘never’ present in these creations because they are eternal facets in the diamond of Truth while the manifestations are illusions within the grand dream. What occurs at any level of fulfilment of any desire [dream] is a roller coaster of happiness followed eventually in some way by an ‘exact’ and ‘equal’ sorrow.

This is the way the God-SELF leads the sleeping aspect ‘of’ IT SELF first to its knees in humility, and then within where the dream is unmasked as the fraud that it is. The only question in regard to ‘when’ this occurs is how much suffering you choose to endure of this teeter-totter existence. In this way everything in LIFE is leading you HOME.

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