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Conditioning is what ‘makes up’ the illusionary false self most call ‘me’. It is an amalgam of attachments, expectations and identifications tied to memory and imagination, which act like a ‘groove in the mind’ through which tendencies ‘easily flow’ depending on how deep the groove is. Habits and addictions fall under this description but also the tiniest picadillo’s like raising an eyebrow when something interests or triggers you. It is literally the ‘predestined script’ you come in with when you, as sleeping Consciousness enter a body … and you add or subtract from it in every moment – usually ‘unconsciously’. However, conditioning is not confined to what this false self may refer to as ‘negative’ peculiarities but ALL tendencies.

For example, you may have an intense desire to save the world in one of a wide variety of ways or you may be drawn to understanding the cosmos or discovering cures for different kinds of life-threatening diseases. There are a multitude of what may be called ‘altruistic’ causes or careers to which your conditioning ‘fires you up’. You could say that, to so -called ‘succeed’ in any of these areas would be ‘a dream come true’ … and that is exactly what they would be, more dreams within the grand dream of the universe/world/body/mind you, as the slumbering SELF are currently navigating. Even these tendencies eventually will have to be ‘transformed’ back into nothing-ness either through Self Discovery or Self Inquiry [the direct route HOME].

The mind is very noisy, and the grooves are like deep valleys in the flow of thoughts … ALL must be still and silent for the SELF to return to full Awareness of Who IT Really Is. As the SELF fully realized, these kinds of activities may or may not continue, however the ‘conditioning’ associated with them will have dissolved.

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