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“Tragedy rips ‘you’ … apart.”

The wretched-ness one feels when tragedy strikes, whether suddenly or prolonged literally ‘tears [you] apart’. In these usually abnormal situations, the mind [the false you] cannot ‘get around’ what has happened, and in these moments great opportunity exists. Most definitely, one needs to allow grieving to wash through … remaining totally ‘open’ to this natural feeling. Beyond the deep sorrow such events bring, a ‘void’ comes about in which the ‘control’ aspect of the mind, which is usually present, falls away. This void is a temporary ‘emptiness’ where Truth can be realized provided you do not succumb to the natural tendency to ‘bury’ your attention in that sorrow as well as the anger and hopelessness that will also ensue.

What is occurring is a ‘split’ in the rock-solid hold the mind usually has on one’s identity as who they are. This ‘you’ has been decimated and lingers in a confused and vulnerable state. And yet, vulnerability is a kind of OPEN-ness where the Light of the Real YOU ‘can’ be revealed. Many miss this opportunity because, as said … there is a surrender into the sorrow, anger and hopelessness instead of the generic surrender that has spontaneously occurred with the mind ‘out-of-the-way’ for the moment.

By simply saying YES to ‘what is’ [which is not somehow ‘agreeing or endorsing’ it … rather - NOT resisting it], the temporary corridor to Truth and Peace that has manifested remains open, and in that opening the miraculous can and usually WILL appear in some way.

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