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You are Free [Freedom] Now. You are the Self [God-SELF] Now. There is no ‘attaining’ or ‘becoming’ necessary [or possible] because Freedom is NOT missing.

-Consider your daily routine … simple or complex, as a veil.

-Then think of any health issues you may have and add another veil.

-Add to this your concerns about other people both supportive or combative and there is another veil.

-To this add your fears about the planet and another veil appears.

-Add your beliefs including religious or spiritual and another veil is added.

Together [with other issues] these veils are blinding you to Truth. It is not the issues or problems that obscure your Awareness of Freedom [which are only dreams within the Grand Dream] … it is your ‘attachment ‘to’ them’ represented by the veils. When you release these attachments, you are living IN the world [dream] but not OF it’ – FREE. This is available to you NOW … not after lifetimes of practices and disciplines – but NOW.

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