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Waiting for, practising toward, growing and evolving are ‘all’ time-bound concepts that place Freedom out in some illusory future that does NOT exist. It seems completely reasonable to state that you need to ‘do’ these things because [in most cases] you are not now ‘experiencing’ Freedom [the full Awareness of the ONE SELF YOU Are]. This is NOT because you are ‘not’ the SELF but because you have a ‘groove in the mind’ [conditioning] that firmly believes you ‘are not yet’ the SELF and must struggle to attain this state. This belief is so pervasive that most of humanity believes it - even those belief systems that proclaim you ‘are’ the SELF Now, go on to prescribe all manner of gymnastics and disciplines to attain IT.

The mind that manifests ‘delay’ can also manifest the NOW experience of the Freedom YOU Are. Shifting ‘Attention’ from future Freedom to NOW Freedom is your choice … but initially it ‘won’t work’ because the groove in the mind is so deep. If you are going to practice ‘anything’ … a version of this is an effortless way to shift from ‘someday’ to ‘Now’: “I AM NOW the ONE SELF - I AM Freedom NOW.” This affirmation ‘is’ time oriented, but WILL bring about the ‘actual’ and genuine realization of the SELF Now.

It is using the dream to wake you ‘from’ the dream.

“LIFE: The Descent ‘from’ and Ascent ‘to’ the Awareness of Who’ You Really Are”

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