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The man ‘Jesus’, just as the man Buddha [Siddhartha Gautama], Krishna and all the physical bodies [both male and female] that carried a name now considered ‘holy’ by billions … ‘was a dream’ kept alive by the dreaming of countless numbers since the chronological appearance of these Divine images in this dream planet/universe.

When you go into ‘deep dreamless sleep’ all this ceases to exist. It was a ‘projection’ of the mind as are ALL dreams. This is why one can manifest what most refer to as their ‘reality’ [your own unique dream(s)], which all seem completely ‘real’. You ‘are’ God [there ‘is’ only ONE] … ‘of course’ it seems real, that was the intention - to taste and savor the contrasts of ‘knowing’ Your SELF … the Un-knowable.

The ‘Essence’ of Love, Wisdom and Power that flowed through the dream-Jesus’ … ‘IS REAL’, ‘IS’ YOU [God - Consciousness - SELF]. When you speak of this ‘essence’ as Beauty or Love or Truth you are simply looking in the mirror and experiencing what ‘is’ Real … the God You Are. When you compare the frail, little being called ‘me’ [the false self] to this exquisite reflection You Really Are … you ‘shrink’. This is the delusion of the Grand Dream you have called reality.

Look at ‘you’ and remain in bondage, or look at “YOU’ and BE FREE.

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