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During moments of great upheaval, such as is occurring now while the Great SHIFT expands quickly into the New Era [the Happy Dream], it is very compelling to become intimately involved in the escalating chaos that fills the atmosphere in many ways. Emotions, opinions, finger-pointing and all manner of anxious fear-based conduct fills every narrative and description of ‘what is so-called [really] happening’. While the mind complains and protests loudly … it ‘loves’ the roller coaster, which imitates the ‘feeling’ of being alive. All ‘addictions’ have that common characteristic. None of this has value, except to ‘point-to’ the conditioning that is ready to be dissolved [for those who are aware of this end-of-dreaming focus].

The New Era and its balanced storyline … ‘is’ inevitable and ‘is’ coming into being as we speak. Nothing that appears disastrous as a possible outcome is on the horizon for this current world-dream. While it is common to hear the phrase: “Just breathe” … this suggestion has great merit, especially in these highly intense times. Everything is unfolding PERFECTLY and ‘will’ fall into exquisite symmetry as the quickly manifesting tapestry of this ‘phase’ becomes more and more evident for all to witness. You may choose to ‘kick and scream’ your way into it … or relax in the balcony of dreams with perfect equanimity … either way - the result IS assured.

Image by Solveig Larsen

“THE AFTERMATH”: The SHIFT into an Era of Peace and Light

BOOKS by John McIntosh

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