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As I make my daily vigil to the grocery store two blocks away I shift from the sidewalk to the bicycle path to avoid a nervous looking couple, fully masked and headed toward me. I am unmasked as usual, fully aware of the nefarious agenda lying beneath the covering of faces and distancing from the natural embrace of blood to blood. Silently, I bless them as they hurry past me glancing sideways at me, somewhat disturbed by my cavalier attitude to the global threat that holds so many enthralled in its icy somnambulistic grip.

Its been a year since the global charade began and for those who took the time to check, the death rates for the entire world did not change. That alone should raise a huge red flag as to the credibility of the inflated fatality numbers, padded with paid-for death certificates and encumbered by pre-existing conditions that were the real cause of death … 94% was the last official report by the CDC, the very organization that promotes the use of masks for what is easily provable as a seasonal flu.

The deep sleep that grasped the Real SELF we all are, convincing IT that is was ‘not’ ONE but many and relegating IT to a tiny body-prison called a person, is mirrored perfectly in this latest hypnotic trance the majority of humanity has bought into. It matters not that the agenda behind this Great Deception was orchestrated to lockdown economies so that an ancient worldwide elite organization could bring in a New World Order and a financial reset. The real benefit that will unfold is the deep head-scratching that will ensue when this sinister plot is soon completely uncovered and overturned.

Nothing brings one closer to Who They Really Are than questioning their reality. Its the first major step toward a genuine look within where Truth is found and this end-of-an-era drama will have that effect on billions of deep sleepers.

I round the corner and take out my almost unused mask, the price of admission to buy some groceries. Ten minutes later, I emerge, tear off the bacteria causing device and breath deeply of the Freedom I AM.

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