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Surrounded by morning coffee-clutchers in a plush downtown parkette, a deeply troubled man sits alone. He shouts obscenities at ‘unseen’ listeners as the ‘filters’ that normally restrain the inner-mirrors of frustration and angst lying beneath the many masks most wear, have long since been shattered. Irritating, annoying and distracting the false-calm of the elegant high-end neighbourhood, he laments the sorrow ‘for’ the many that endless years of denial and comfort have buried.

Such is the eruptive force of change as an era of dysfunction surfaces ending its reign of tyranny. The collapsing house-of-cards of ‘imbalance’ is now sending violent shock waves throughout the entrenched conditioning of the collective consciousness. No stone can be left unturned for ‘True vision’ to Re-Awaken the Sleeping Giant You Are. The ‘Storm’ is upon the face of deception as the Light of Truth draws near.

BOOKS by John McIntosh

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