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A parkette is bathed in mid-day summer sun, filtered through strategically planted clumps of trees that form a perimeter around an inner-city high-end village. Smooth jazz emanates from a recently constructed bandstand as wild birds chirp in unison with the gentle tones. A homeless man, hunched and bedraggled, limps through the opulent environment in stark contrast to the tinseled masks of the elite that cloister within.

A soft breeze wafts inviting noon-day lunch aromas throughout the area as the homeless man begs for change. He is bold from years of perfected grifting. Mostly he is ignored but he works the numbers and comes away with far more than most would believe. And yet, the street is preferred over the dance of conformity and although the years have weathered his body, his eye maintains a resolute defiance … he will NOT allow the dream to dictate.

It is one choice on the pathless path to Freedom.

BOOKS by John McIntosh

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