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When the warnings began, they hesitated, choosing to wait for the inner guidance that had always steered their course wisely. IT encouraged a ‘deeper dive’ beneath the growing fear-promoting narrative. With that ‘Open-ness’, snippets of clarity began to appear everywhere, and they pursued that ‘thread’ of sanity, always filtering whatever arose through the benign voice within. When harsh unsupported and restrictive measures began to appear everywhere, they chose NOT to comply, knowing a great LIE, with its nefarious agenda, was being perpetrated beneath the widely accepted story-drama.

At first, they remained ‘silent’ but when confronted with their non-conformity, they briefly shared an alternative view based on the empirical evidence that a few courageous and credible ones had offered to the world at great personal risk. Over the months of expanding darkness, they were often met with cruel reactions, which soon led to vilification and rejection from family, friends and society. As the world lock-stepped to the hypnotizing drone of deception, they held firm, ‘knowing’ the vast and growing archive of credible testimony that proved unequivocally that humanity ‘was’ being deceived.

Eventually they were completely ostracized from what most referred to as the ‘new normal’. As the global fear led to false promises with ‘deadly’ consequences, their resolve labeled them ‘dangerous traitors’ and many suffered greatly as a result. Nevertheless, finally the ‘rays of dawn’ began to spread and the few who knew the Truth began to gain followers – always amazed that they had fallen for the enormous deception that had brought the world to its knees.


The recent global story/drama has repeated over and over again throughout the eons on the world stage of dreams through endless disguises, while the few who Truly KNOW ‘held the Light’ for the still sleeping and imprisoned masses as they gradually shake off their chains to discover Who They Really Are.

“MASS AWAKENING - What’s Really Happening - 2020 - 30 minute Synopsis”

“THE AFTERMATH”: The SHIFT into an Era of Peace and Light

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