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The ‘embodied’ version of the SELF arises from ITs deep sleep each morning to re-create ITs play of ‘sculpting’ the intricacies of the universal dream. The Master Designer that the SELF ‘is’, in full Awareness ‘of’ IT SELF, revels in great JOY as the panorama of illusions once more emerges out of ITs nothing-ness.

Delicate details of snowflakes and spider webs, constantly morphing shafts of sunlight thrown through rock crevices eroding over time’s illusion, laughing dolphins, cobblestone pathways, winding forest trails, song birds piercing through the symphonies of insects … and, the great ‘DRAMA’ of humanity’s agony and ecstasy … ITs greatest illusion.

So real, so tangible, so believable that … until IT slips again into the deep Silence of ITs Emptiness, this miasma of conflicting contrasts ‘captures’ ITs attention ‘so fully’ that it ‘forgets’ Who IT Really Is.

All this to taste and savor and know ITs infinite potential.

-image by Solveig Larsen

BOOKS by John McIntosh

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