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John McIntosh

She strolls the endless beach in perfect rhythm with the ebb and flow of the gentle waves caressing her feet. Not far out to sea a dolphin executes an intricate acrobatic performance for her, laughing as it plunges again and again into the turquoise deep. A young family approaches, nodding and smiling as they exchange the customary greetings of happy dreamers, they do not ‘see’ her as the dolphin did. Behind them a small barking dog rushes up to her and stops suddenly, quietly tilting its head from side to side … it too ‘sees’ her. At her feet an ancient coral, sculpted by eons of the same caressing waves, displays its final form as a rocky heart. She smiles within.

Later, navigating the rough and rocky shores of a meandering creek, the many faces of Nature reveal themselves in leaves and branches, and in the warbling rush of the ever changing flow of watery life. Everywhere, the ONE Life ‘is’ … knowing IT SELF as the Love she effortlessly emanates. Birds of every color and size sing the Joyful melody of Unicity – Love Loving IT SELF in a myriad of forms, rising and falling in an instant to rise again in infinite disguises.

The dream surrounds her, but she ignores its seductive embrace, favouring the Silent Stillness to its cacophony. It has lost its influence to the Emptiness of her Freedom.

-image by Solveig Larsen

SELF DISCOVERY books by John McIntosh

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