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We are about to witness … in a totally visible and overt manner, the Great SHIFT that has been steadily unfolding behind the scenes since 1987/2012. The dysfunctional Patriarchy [some refer to as the deep State] has been taken down and the collapse has been seen in massive shock waves throughout the world – most obvious to those who have taken a deeper dive within but highly misinterpreted by the mass of humanity as ‘just the way it is”.

Remembering always that this is a Grand Dream and this SHIFT is a repeating and natural transition out of one phase [a patriarchal 11,000 year phase (in clock time)] and into a 2,000 year era of relative neutrality or Peace and Light - a Happy Dream, nevertheless … still a dream.

Humanity will very soon learn of the horrendous activities that have dominated the planet most aggressively since about 1913 with the creation of the FED and its agenda to enslave humanity to debt, followed by the suppression of natural medicine and the creation of Big Pharma. Within a few decades every aspect of daily life would be controlled by these ‘elites’ including health, politics, education, entertainment, business-finance-banking, science, religion, social services, technology, as well as every tiny corner of one’s life experience.

Their ultimate goal was a One World Order with only 500 million remaining alive and under the thumb of a tiny group of the most nefarious puppeteers ever seen. In recent months the fake-pandemic together with the highly toxic vax designed to eliminate over 7 billion people, has been exposed for anyone who has taken even a slightly open-minded approach to world events. The shift away from fiat currency [money with no real value] has been [and continues to be] swallowed up by country after country that is replacing it with gold or asset backed currency. This has led to a global collapse of the Deep State banking industry and a multitude of corporations controlled by these same dark-lords.

Very soon the world will experience a New Renaissance through Nesara/Gesara, which will level the playing field by providing the basics of food, shelter, clothing, healthcare and financial stability for ALL. A cornucopia of [until now] suppressed patents will make living conditions seem like science fiction. Choices will begin to center around what brings Joy to the Heart and wars will become impossible as a united world focuses its attention on altruistic endeavors.

Still, the inner work will be required for True Peace to be experienced and the ‘conditioning’ that has sculpted one’s behaviour will need to be dissolved. However, the new environment that is swiftly unfolding will make this last challenge far easier than it has been for millenniums.

Since all change is resisted by the false self who prefers the status quo to anything that disrupts its false control of What Is, ALL are invited to open their hearts and minds to what is NOW taking place so that this enormous transition into a Joy-filled world will be facilitated more easily.

-image by Solvieg Larsen

SELF DISCOVERY books by John McIntosh

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