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What has a beginning and an ending … is NOT Real … does not exist.

This includes the entire universe as well as your body-mind-identity. What does not exist ‘cannot’ somehow become Self Realized [Aware that it is God – Pure Conscious Awareness]. This separated individual identity most refer to as ‘me’ … does NOT exist and cannot somehow get ‘good enough’ or ‘pure enough’ or ‘evolved enough’ to become Self Realized. Self Realization is already an ever-Present Reality. God ‘is’ and has never NOT been. God is ONE and can never be many … only the ‘dream’ of many seems to exist and it is this ONE God [Consciousness] which is dreaming IT is many with all the activities and dramas and stories IT believes IT is experiencing ‘in’ this dream.

IT has infinite dreams within the Grand Dream and one of them is called ‘you’ as the false-self-body-mind-identity you have believed you are. To return to full Awareness of the [ONE] God You Really Are is not a ‘becoming’ but an ‘unveiling’. It is the transforming [dissolving] of the veils [conditioning] that have defined the false self … and this reveals what has ‘never’ changed. This occurs not by attempting to ‘get rid of’ this conditioning [which would only serve to ‘expand’ the illusion of it] but by placing Attention ‘on’ the Truth that YOU ‘are’ God-Consciousness. Attention on “I AM” or the “Who am I” of Self Inquiry is the direct and simple route.

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