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“I AM the WAY, the TRUTH and the LIFE”

These powerful words spoken by our beautiful brother are speaking about YOU, the Real YOU. You Are the ‘I AM’, which is another name for Pure Conscious Awareness, Who is ONE. Despite your current disguise and loss of Awareness of this Truth, ONE is always ONE no matter how well hidden it may be.

The WAY is not a path that has dimensions because that would place it in time and space, which is the origin of separation. It means an ‘example’, an emanation of Light that is in Perfect Harmony and Balance.

The TRUTH cannot be described because IT is Infinite … no frame can be placed around infinity. Again, this is an ‘example’.

The LIFE is what ‘animates’ the projection of many out of ONE on the screen of Consciousness. It is LIIGHT – split into numberless frequencies of vibration appearing as solid holographic manifestations and events that the separated-body-mind-identity can ‘believe’ is real and in which the God YOU Are can experience IT SELF within.

This same brother said: “I have nothing you don’t have, I just don’t have anything else.” [ACIM] This means – no conditioning that fabricates a false self.

When you have had enough of the ‘dream’, you may easily and effortlessly ‘return’ to the Awareness of your I AM Presence simply by placing your undivided ATTENTION ‘on’ IT.

The ‘example’ of this was given to you and is what Christmas is ‘Really’ about.

-image by Solveig Larsen

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An Nonamous
An Nonamous
Dec 20, 2019

Christmas is about the IT which means for my being love and balance. As different as I am from the modern world I am here and I have purpose from my mind body soul it's always love have a happy holiday

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