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WHAT IF ...?


What if this life you are living really IS a dream? What if the body you are wearing is NOT real … is NOT who you are? What if the mind that seems to operate your day to day activities and seems to define your identity is NOT who you are? What if all the history books filled with all the stories of the past … are NOT real? What if all the scriptures from all the religions and beliefs never happened and are NOT real? What if all the players in this dream are not real and that those you see and hear and experience in numberless ways are just YOU reflecting back at you?

What if none of it is real … not a word, an image, a thing, an experience … not the aging of the body, its aches and pains, its illnesses, even its death … are not real? What if all of this is an elaborate set-up to take you to the magical moment when these experiences finally ‘shift’ from mind concepts to actual Heart ‘knowing’? What if you really ‘are’ just ONE and every experience is YOU interacting with YOU. It’s not that none of it matters … it’s that it only matters insofar as you really GET this. What if this one ‘insight’ is the reason for the entire universal dream … and that there ‘is’ no one and nothing else but YOU?

When asked about ‘others’ Ramana said: “There ARE no others!”

-image by Solveig Larsen


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