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The world is SHIFTING into an era of Peace and Light … despite current appearances, and a ‘level-playing-field’ will ensure that food, clothing, shelter, and financial freedom become available for ALL. In itself this will present an incredible change for most, however in order to fully taste and savor what is now unfolding -‘consciousness’ must SHIFT from ‘head to Heart’. The head [mind] believes in separation and the ‘opposites’ that this belief generates produces a steady stream of chaos, conflict, and confusion [suffering] no matter how well one is provided for.

The Heart ‘knows’ that ALL is ONE and experiences everything in that harmonic Awareness. However, the seduction of the Grand Dream-world-universe that most dwell within is ‘intense’ and the deep ‘lows’ of suffering are endured due to the lofty highs of ‘happiness’. The example of a drug high and crash is an extreme metaphor for this universal phenomena that happens in every aspect of the dream most call reality.

When a NEW era comes about it occurs with an enormous ‘shaking’ of whatever the current level of conscious awareness is, and these last 2+ years of deep suffering by most of humanity has been the ‘shock’ that was required to bring many to their knees in surrender. This surrender produces an OPEN-ness that allows one to more fully experience the Beauty, Love and Joy that an era such as this one will offer.

“THE GREAT SHIFT ‘explained”- The World You Have Known Is Collapsing. Here Is Why It’s a GIFT

“THE AFTERMATH”: The SHIFT into an Era of Peace and Light

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