The phenomena of the universe [and all that is within it] is ‘real’ when ‘experienced’ ‘as’ the SELF since it is made out of the SELF [a projection on the screen of Consciousness] … but illusionary when experienced ‘apart’ from the SELF [meaning the false self perception]. When experienced ‘by’ the SELF the universe ceases to be perceived as an ‘objective’ reality and is recognized ‘as’ the SELF … IT SELF.

This universe-phenomena is without ‘cause’ as most believe. It springs into being ‘with’ the SELF who experiences it as an ‘instantaneous manifestation’ and not as an ‘effect’ of some gradual creation or evolution [since there is no time and space in reality – ONE is always ONE]. They are one and the same … it is a manifestation ‘of’ the SELF and seen in no other way by the SELF [when IT is fully Aware ‘of’ IT SELF].

All are already Self Realized and have never NOT been Realized ‘as’ the SELF. The SELF is unchanging. The Purpose of the universe [in part] is not therefore Self Realization but the Awareness that Self Real