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-Everything that can be imagined ‘is’ possible within the world most call reality … since it is an illusory projection on the screen of Consciousness within the ONE SELF – the one and only Reality.

-Everything and every circumstance that ‘shows up’ within that projected illusion/dream is therefore a ‘unique’ product of each one’s conditioning [attachments, expectations and identifications].

The mind is the ‘only’ so-called devil/satan there is … as well as every ‘outside ‘ god [by any name] – all ‘made-up’ from its memory/imagination based on the conditioning it came into the world-dream with.

-Nothing that has a beginning and an ending is ‘real’ since Truth/Reality does NOT change.

-YOU ‘are’ already that which you seek – the ONE SELF and do NOT experience this due to your attention ON that which changes.

-Dissolving the conditioning that veils your one Reality [the ONE SELF] ‘is’ your only REAL Purpose until it occurs.

-image by Solveig Larsen

SELF DISCOVERY books by John McIntosh

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