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The prevailing story playing out on the stage of dreams within the Grand Dream of the world/universe … is NOT what is important … NO MATTER HOW ‘DRAMATIC’ IT MAY BE. This same story has been acted out through endless set designs and costume changes by the slumbering God-SELF infinite times in other dreams …  always with the same results - SUFFERING. The chaos, conflict and confusion that flows within the ups and downs of the roller coaster of happiness and sorrow that exists as a result of the ‘belief in separation’ … is ‘inevitable’ as long as that belief remains.

The Real Point is ‘where’ the suffering leads. Ultimately, for everyone suffering leads one to their knees in ‘genuine and unbroken’ surrender to Truth [by any name].

For this to occur the suffering must have reached a ‘breaking point’ where the attempted ‘control’ exerted by the false-self-body-mind [person] is released, which allows Truth to penetrate between this crack in the dream ‘to’ the slumbering God-SELF [Sleeping Beauty is kissed]. From then on, the Light of Truth EXPANDS in the Awareness of the sleeper until full remembrance of the SELF is restored.

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