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Consider moments when time disappeared … moments when the you, you call you seemed NOT to be there. Awareness was focused on something you felt passionately about such as music or nature … but time, space and a personal you were NOT in that particular Awareness.

These moments come of their own accord and are not somehow manipulated into happening. This is how genuine Love ‘functions’. It is as if everything that is not real gets ‘sucked out’ of the grand dream in those moments, including any concept of a personal you-identity and ‘what remains’ is Reality. The catalyst, nature or music for example, may also dissolve into a nothing-ness or emptiness, which you ‘as’ Awareness IT SELF are Conscious of without being Aware of an ‘I” presence.

While this may seem very far off as a normal experience, you have experienced these moments, if only for a brief ‘clock-time’ moment … everyone has. The Presence that ‘is’ Who You Really Are may be masked heavily by many layers of conditioning but no matter how deep the sleep is this ‘Love in Action’ … this ‘Grace’ penetrates the tiniest chink in the armor of illusion. Without this gift of Grace the SELF would be lost forever in the grand dream of separation. Therefore, know that no one is beyond reclamation … ‘all’ will return to Truth.

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