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ONLINE Q&A with:

Self Realization Author - John McIntosh

Co-Host - Anne Kerry Ford

The world that you have called reality, is collapsing. For eons Life has been upside down … an illusion so real that only a few down through the ages have recognized the Truth and set themselves Free. Humanity is now being shaken awake through this Great SHIFT.

In this 1st Q&A ONLINE with John McIntosh there will be an opportunity to look into "What's 'Really' Going On".

Streamed LIVE on Facebook

Thursday June 25th / 2 pm EST/ 11 am Pacific / 7pm GMT + 1

[duration approx. 55 minutes] … to be posted to YouTube afterwards.


1- Email your questions to: before Thursday June 25th

2- A few questions will be chosen

3- If your question is chosen you will receive an email message to join the Broadcast as a guest *IF YOU WISH.* You can message back if you would like to or NOT and if not our co-host Anne Kerry Ford will ask your question for you.

4- If you are joining the Broadcast … before the Broadcast you will be emailed a #code that will bring you in as a guest.

5- In that case, the co-host will introduce you and you will ask your question LIVE on screen with John.

BOOKS by John McIntosh:

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John McIntosh was a successful entrepreneur until 1999. He travelled for decades around the world speaking to tens of thousands of people about Personal Development before leaving ‘everything’ behind and diving into Self-Discovery/Inquiry.

John shares his acquired understanding of the false-self-identity together with his personal experience of thinking with the Heart, which returns you to full Conscious Awareness of Who You Really Are, through his 27 books and daily Blog articles.


"John McIntosh has a clarity few can convey." - Lara Compton

"John Is the most profound writer I've come across in many years."  -Deanna Lockhart​

"There is such clarity and simplicity in John's ability to communicate the Truth." - Christine Van Hoose

"I’ve been reading spiritual books for decades. I’ve read most of the best authors but none has been as clear as John’s books." - Rod Spain

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