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When one is FREE – Aware of the ONE SELF They Really Are, the dream-world most call reality ‘shows-up’ as it ‘really is’.

When one watches a movie, they ’know’ that the story unfolding is NOT real, if a flood occurs in the narrative or a fire … the screen is not damaged. The SELF ‘observes’ the world-dream in much the same way. IT ‘knows’ also that IT ‘is’ the screen on which the entire holographic universal dream is playing out … its ALL ‘within’ ITs boundlessness … there is nothing about the moving illusions that IT is NOT. The dream is NOT real and yet … ‘it is real’ … this is a mystery understood only when one is FREE.

Since LOVE is another name for the ONE SELF YOU Are – in the full Awareness of this … the Grand Dream is Known ‘as’ LOVE - no matter how the story plays out throughout the full swing of the pendulum from dark to light. Therefore, judgment is NOT known – LOVE simply Loves IT SELF.

This is a ‘dispassionate’ observation of ALL that plays out on the screen of illusions and yet without ‘indifference’ since Compassion is ‘always’ Present for those that still sleep. If some kind of action ‘is’ required – The SELF takes it and then moves on without the backward glance the false self always has. Peace and Joy are ever-Present despite the probability of pain – even great pain while the SELF still occupies a dream-body. The false self’s experience has no concept of what reality ‘is’, and the angst that simmers beneath its every moment eventually leads to the dissolution of its disguise, leaving only Who You Really Are – the ONE SELF.

YOU ARE GOD: It's Time To Shine

BOOKS by John McIntosh

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