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The false self has a shopping list of ‘essential’ wants and needs and keeping track of these ‘absolute’ necessities is exhausting as are its plans for acquiring them. When I slept deeply in the Grand Dream, I had a list to keep track of ‘all’ my lists. Then there is the actual ‘work’ required to bring these plans to fruition. The Self Improvements industry is one of the false self’s most important support systems for manifesting the perfect life, which it often refers to as the ‘dream life’. Mind development, imagination stimulations, a vast array of therapies for what is holding one back, vision boards, endless fitness and nutrition concepts … the list is ponderous.

The SELF Knows that every genuine requirement it may have while IT navigates the Grand Dream in a body WILL be provided for - effortlessly … be it a little or a lot [so-called]. The tumblers of manifestation fall into place flawlessly, silently and with deft precision without any help from the false-self-identity. When one has given up the ‘needless struggle’ and allows Life to Live them, they are ‘never’ left wanting. When you have made the NO MATTER WHAT choice to be Free [which includes total surrender] you will ‘always’ find your life experience unfolding perfectly for your highest good … which is consistently oriented toward your return HOME [which you have never left].

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