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To ‘live well’ you are told, you must be good, be thoughtful, be kind, be supportive, be grateful, be generous, be unselfish, and, and, and …

The world teaches that If you are fortunate these kinds of virtues will be imparted to you and taken in, and you will become an upstanding citizen of the world. You will keep these traits and share them with others and help make the world a better place. On the surface this ‘seems’ reasonable … but, what is happening in the secrets corridors of the mind, behind the masks of good conduct? There are veils, colored by ‘conditioning’ – the attachments one has to this or that, the expectations one has of how things ‘should be’ and the things that one identifies with that sculpt a definition of who this one called ‘me’ shows to the world.

This ‘display’ … this unconscious ‘performance’ is the out-picturing of the veils that hide Who You Really Are. Masks worn to hide deeper masks … hiding the Real YOU ‘from’ YOU and then from the world that seems to be ‘out there’. The strain it takes to hide the Real YOU ‘from’ YOU is enormous and the body and the worldly experiences reveal this strain in disease, conflict, confusion and chaos that can be hidden only briefly in one’s life experience but eventually ‘seeps’ through the cracks of each mask. Ultimately, the disguises fade and crumble for all to witness, including the ‘false self’ wearing them.

Fortunate is the one who recognizes this charade before the ‘show ends’ and the body falls away, and then ‘surrenders’ to the enormous and benign ‘pull’ [Divine Discontent] that is ever drawing one HOME.

-image by Solveig Larsen

SELF DISCOVERY books by John McIntosh

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