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When you are tired, who is it that is tired?

When you are depressed, who is it that is depressed?

The body-mind [false self] is ‘not’ YOU. In its true ‘place’ it is a servant and vehicle for the Real YOU … the I AM Presence to navigate within the Grand Dream. For most of humanity it has become a tyrannical dictator masquerading as your true reality. To say, “I am tired or depressed” describes a condition of the body or of the emotions [the tool of the mind as the false self] … it is ‘not’ YOU saying or feeling these things.

When YOU are fully Awakened to Who YOU Really Are, you will still experience some residual feelings but YOU will ‘know’ beyond any doubt that YOU are merely ‘witnessing’ the effects of conditioning that once defined you as a person. These feelings will no longer molest you since the identification that tied you to the body-mind-illusion as an independent personal identity will have dissolved. Some identity momentum will continue for a while ‘after’ you fully Awaken to the I AM Presence or God YOU Are but this is like the forward moment of a bicycle when you have stopped peddling … which soon comes to a total stop.

This means that when you are totally Free your personal dream will persist for a while, but you will have departed from the blind participation in it that once defined the illusion of a separated identity.

-image by Solveig Larsen

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