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“YOU ‘are’ the Light of the grand dream [world/universe]” and you are never NOT this Light as long as manifestation of any kind exists. YOU give the dream ‘Life’, but you are the witness ‘of’ it, unattached to its seductiveness.

The mind [false self] is highly fragmented having thousands of thoughts per day. When Consciousness ‘Identifies’ with specific thoughts, it is keeping ITs Attention focused ‘out there’ IN the dream and the mind comes into being. “I am a painter … I am a male or female … I am wealthy … I am sick … I am a parent”. There are thousands of ‘I Am’ possibilities – NONE of them true, yet so serious, so coveted, so valued … so much so that ‘detachment’ from them seems impossible.

A single pointed focus [single eye] requires total elimination of ALL attachments and identifications. The task seems formidable and very unappealing until the mind has reached a moment where it is completely frustrated with the endless highs and lows resulting from playing IN the dream and clinging to it through identification. Even “I am spiritual’ is an identity and stands between the Awareness of YOU as the Light and the addiction of the grand dream.

This ‘passion’ to return to the Awareness of the Light/Life You Are must be greater than the need for air by a drowning person. Then, IT literally ‘seeks’ YOU, which means IT is seeking the sleeping aspect of IT SELF … when this occurs, nothing can prevent the inevitable reunion.

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