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Updated: Mar 12, 2023


Very rarely, I post articles about ‘what is occurring in the world-dream’. While this is of interest to the mind [the false self], it has no bearing on the Truth. The Truth [which cannot be described since it is infinite and infinity cannot be limited by a frame] that YOU, the Real YOU ‘is’ the ONE SELF ‘appearing as many’, projected as temporary holographic illusions on the screen of Consciousness … a universal-world dream in which the SELF ‘knows’ IT SELF.

This, however ‘is’ one of those articles to illustrate how the New era of Peace and Light [which occurs twice every 26,000 years [dream years] … is now unfolding very rapidly. This era is a phase where the opposites that are a natural ‘phenomena’ of the belief in separation … come into a relative balance that the mind interprets as peace. It is not – Peace is Perfect, another name for who YOU Are. However it ‘is’ a phase where the full Awareness of YOUR Reality can more easily occur.

At this moment [March 11, 2023] the world-dream ‘appears’ in absolute chaos. The fading patriarchy [this last era’s dominant influence], known by such names as the illuminati, the deep state, the globalists, the elites, the cabal and a number of other names – ancient and recent, is gasping its last breath as its dysfunctional empire crumbles. This is the moment when the trapped animal reacts viciously.

The current manipulative and enslaving financial world including banking, stock markets and the crypto-markets that are visible and the dark money underbelly that is not visible, is collapsing at record speed. The expanding fear of both the perpetrators and the sleeping masses is palpable. The world health narrative that was a complete fiction orchestrated to induce humanity to take an injection that would eventually kill over 90% of its numbers [many millions have already died] … is now being exposed worldwide by tens of thousands of doctors globally who did NOT succumb to the blackmail, bribery and life threatening coercion of the globalists.

Leaders of countries and corporatocracy are resigning in huge numbers as The [at this point invisible] Global Alliance that is behind the fall of this insidious regime, arrests many tens of thousands of its numbers from behind the scenes.

The ‘Main Stream Media’ – MSM, that has been the brain-washing mechanism of the globalists, broadcasting their One World Order [global slavery], is rapidly capitulating to a growing flood of verifiable-fact-disclosing information that completely exposes their nefarious 150 year agenda.

And everywhere so-called natural disasters such as train derailments, earth quakes, extreme weather conditions and mysterious explosions dot the planet simultaneously … well beyond the realm of so-called ‘coincidence’.

Soon, the bulk of sleeping humanity will become aware of the massive child trafficking activities and atrocities [millions yearly] associated with this dark regime, that have occurred beneath the surface of the earth in thousands of miles of high tech tunnels. The shock that will touch even those who are fully aware of these decades long activities will shake ‘everyone’.

It is the recognition of all of these appalling events that will jolt many into a ‘new’ awareness … an awareness that will irrefutably prove that the world they have been living is ‘nothing’ like what has really been going on.


What will follow [and very soon] the revelation of these and many more details concerning this massive darkness is a Beautiful New Era … what some call The Happy Dream … and dream it still will be, but for many ‘enough’ and very welcome. Some few will embrace this incredible SHIFT of the ages and dive deep within where Freedom … the Full Awareness of Who They Really Are resides.

The label Nesara/Gesara [National/Global Economic Stabilization and Recovery Act] will soon become the acronym for this bright New era. It contains 20 headings that add up to a level playing field in the areas of food, shelter, clothing, health and financial security for ‘all’, with world peace as the umbrella that embraces humanity. This has been ‘officially’ unfolding behind the scenes for over a year as the remaining globalists were identified and deleted from the playing fields of the Grand Dream. For example, some few globally have noticed that student debts and mortgages mysteriously got erased with no explanation while the mechanism was tested.

The Quantum Financial System [QFS] is solidly in place with 209 countries joined in sync with it and Nesara/Gesara. One aspect that is visible is the requirement that all banks must now be Basel 4 compliant, meaning their assets must be backed by gold [or the equivalent] rather than the ephemeral existence of fiat currency. As we speak, those banks NOT compliant are folding. The QFS is a ‘ledger’ system that monitors every movement of currency globally and eliminates the possibility of money laundering. This essentially eliminates the lifeline of the globalists whose dark agenda is now quickly slowing to a stop.

You … that is the sleeping false self, is entering [has entered] a glorious new era where peace and love and light [as it recognizes these terms] will blaze forth in every corner of the world and every discordant manifestation will find ‘relative’ balance. You may be satisfied with this ‘giant’ SHIFT if that is your destiny … but REMEMBER AGAIN … this is a story about how your Grand Dream is morphing into a cozy and comfortable phase … it is NOT Truth.

Truth lives beneath this rosy image and requires the Silent inner focus of a NO MATTER WHAT choice to be Free. If that ‘urge’ is there, I encourage you to follow it as this is the moment when the Beloved [YOU] beckons to you in all ITs Glory and Beauty.

Much Love to All.

-image by Solveig Larsen

BOOKS by John McIntosh

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