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To the false self [body-mind-identity] the concept of ‘deserving’ is associated with ‘doing’ and there is an endless hierarchy tied to what is deserved for having ‘done’ something. Every facet of the dream-world, oriented to the belief in separation as it is, has a version of this hierarchy. It is very common to hear people say: “You deserve this or that for what have done or endured” … or “You ‘don’t’ deserve because of what you have done or failed to do”. The primal conditioning of ‘unworthiness’ that underpins the entire illusory universe, is tied to this delusion of ‘deserving’.

The ONE SELF YOU Are is Whole. ONE or ONE-ness ‘has’ no ‘levels’ or it would NOT be ONE. No matter what the false self does or does not ‘do’ within the dream that is this world, has absolutely no bearing on deserving. YOU … the Real YOU [ONE SELF] is deserving of the entire experience of ‘everything’ within the dream. It is the false self that believes there are or should be ‘have’s’ and ‘have not’s’. YOU are NOT excluded from anything … unless you believe that into your experience.

Whatever plays out on the stage of dreams in your unique world shows up the way it does because of the conditioning you came in with.

-image by Solveig Larsen

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