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‘Who’ is it that ‘has’ an ego? It is common to hear even non-spiritually oriented people say:

“my ego is getting the best of me”

“I can’t seem to get control of my ego”

“If it were not for my ego I would be fine”

Who is this entity that is speaking? It ‘is’ the ego speaking about itself and believing there is some individual ‘person’ that can possess and be molested by an ‘ego’. It even believes that it can somehow ‘analyse and fix’ the structure of this phantom into something so-called ‘good’ and of benefit to its illusory existence. This is the mass delusion most of humanity now shares.

I do not use this highly controversial word ‘ego’ since it has so many connotations … I refer to it simply as - the ‘false self’, which is a made-up amalgam of ‘conditioning’ [attachments, expectations and identifications tied to memory (past) and imagination (future)]. It ‘has’ no reality whatsoever and is believed ‘into’ an ephemeral existence through the primal belief in ‘separation’ … and disappears [dies] when the ONE SELF You Really Are is fully Realized or remembered.

YOU ‘are’ the ONE SELF. It is the ‘only’ Reality and everything that ‘seems to be’ is a temporary projection on the screen of ‘Consciousness’, which is also a fabricated instrument for ITs use while it lingers in the Grand Dream IT uses to Know and taste and savor IT SELF.

YOU ARE GOD: It's Time To Shine

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